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  • Blog Post: Hadoop Binary Streaming and F# MapReduce

    As mentioned in my previous post Hadoop Streaming not only supports text streaming, but it also supports Binary Streaming. As such I wanted to put together a sample that supports processing Office documents. As before the code can be downloaded from:
  • Blog Post: Using Microsoft Dallas as a data source for a Drupal Module

    As I get more and more familiar with the Azure platform, one thing that strikes me more than anything else is that Azure is is not an all or nothing thing. You can use the Azure platform as a component of your overall solution, or you can take advantage of individual services provided by the platform...
  • Blog Post: Ruby on Rails on Windows Azure with SQL Azure

    I was recently talking to a customer about the possibility of moving a web site from Linux to Windows Azure . The hosting costs of the application are not excessive, and the customer is happy with the service received. Nevertheless they were very interested in exploring the hosting costs and potential...
  • Blog Post: Running Memcached in Windows Azure

    Memcached is a distributed cache used to help speeding up large scale web applications by taking pressure off the database. Memcached is used by many of the internet’s biggest sites. A distributed cache is one of the things that I’ve been hoping to see released for Windows Azure for quite a while...
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