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  • Blog Post: Access to an ASP.NET website via multiple authentications

    Background Is it possible to secure a website using Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) without interfering with an existing authentication method? e.g. – Could a website secured using an ASP.NET membership provider, with all the code and configuration that entails, be layered with additional code and...
  • Blog Post: Write a custom security token and handler in Windows Identity Foundation

    In this article I will demonstrate how to write a token handler for a custom token in Windows Identity Foundation (WIF). The likely circumstances for requiring a new token type are: The token type is pre-existing and needs to be federated The new token type is an extension to a token type already supported...
  • Blog Post: U-Prove and why U should care

    Privacy and minimal disclosure of information are important aspects of any identity verification system. However, end-users are often unaware of exactly what information is being disclosed to online service providers. The U-Prove protocol has been devised to resolve these problems by putting into...
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