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  • Blog Post: Microcode: Cleaning up DVR with Get-RecordedTV

    The first simple way we can approach cleaning up DVR is by making the assertion that shows you don't want as much you won't record as often.  Suppose you record a movie once, or a game, or the pilot of a really bad TV show.   After a month or so it's still on your hard drive, taking up...
  • Blog Post: Microcode: Cleaning up Get-RecordedTV with Select-Object

    In a previous post, I introduced Get-RecordedTV , which was built upon another function, Search-WindowsDesktop . The old version of Get-RecordedTV directly returned the properties related to DVR from Windows Desktop Search, with incredibly long names like 'System.RecordedTV.IsRepeatBroadcast'. ...
  • Blog Post: Microcode: Getting DVR MetaData with Search-WindowsDesktop

    In the previous post , i explained that I was trying to find a way to get at the information about my TV shows, and introduced you to some of the thought process that went into finding out information about my DVR. I then solved the most important portion of my DVR problem (extracting out the metadata...
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