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  • Blog Post: Write-Progress & WPK

    A nifty trick that you can do in WPK is create a WPF progress bar to show the Write-Progress output from a PowerShell script.  I was reminded that people actually wanted to do this when I ran across a question on StackOverflow, and posted this answer . In case you don’t want to follow the link,...
  • Blog Post: Microcode: A Quick Trick to turn regular XML into Xaml

    MSDN has tons of examples about XAML. Nearly everything in WPF has an example in XAML, but not all of these XAML examples actually reference the namespace that is required for this Xaml to be loadable by WPF. It's still valid XML, just not valid XAML. Here's a quick example of what I mean. I just copied...
  • Blog Post: Microcode: Scripting Tricks : Exploring WPF Routed Events with PowerShell

    Both WPF and PowerShell are both full of great little touches. One of WPF's nice touches is Routed Events . Routed Events allow you to capture events raised by child controls or parent controls. This can be incredibly useful, because it allows you write less code (which I believe is generally good) by...
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