Media Foundation and DirectShow tips, gotchas and code bits

This blog is dedicated to assisting fellow Software Engineers who are integrating Microsoft’s audio and video technologies into their software.

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  • Blog Post: DirectShow Filter vs. DMO - Ready... Fight!

    There are some rather interesting misunderstandings surrounding Direct Media Objects (DMO). I talked to one engineer the other day that called DMOs inferior to DirectShow filters. While I personally think that DirectShow is one of the most amazing technologies of all time, times are changing. From...
  • Blog Post: Windows Media Player does not negotiate media types for DMO DSP plug-ins on Vista

    Here is an interesting issue I ran across writing Windows Media Player (WMP) custom DSP plug-ins. When I am prototyping a new filter or plug-in for DirectShow or WMP, I will usually write my transform’s algorithm using a single format / media type. Once I have the algorithm working with this single...
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