Media Foundation and DirectShow tips, gotchas and code bits

This blog is dedicated to assisting fellow Software Engineers who are integrating Microsoft’s audio and video technologies into their software.

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  • Blog Post: List of Windows 8 CP audio / video and camera samples

    I have been on the hunt for various samples to pass along to the developers I"ve been working with on the Metro style apps forums. It quickly became apparent that we have over two hundered samples and sorting through them to find a media sample that can help you out is a time consuming task. In an attempt...
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 Consumer Preview digital media and You

    Hello all, It’s been a while since I was able to get this blog updated. Fortunately I have been asked to work with all of you to bring multi-media apps to Windows 8. I’ve been very active on the Windows 8 developer preview forums working with the community to help make the transition from...
  • Blog Post: Windows Media Player does not negotiate media types for DMO DSP plug-ins on Vista

    Here is an interesting issue I ran across writing Windows Media Player (WMP) custom DSP plug-ins. When I am prototyping a new filter or plug-in for DirectShow or WMP, I will usually write my transform’s algorithm using a single format / media type. Once I have the algorithm working with this single...
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