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  • Blog Post: Using the WM Encoder to Protect Existing Content with WM DRM

    One of the things that a lot of DRM savvy CDNs are doing is to use WM Encoder to add WM DRM to their content without actually re-encoding. This is basically a copy operation from the input file (WMV) to an output file (WMV). The samples are never decompressed but rather passed directly through the Encoder...
  • Blog Post: WMRM SDK 10.1.2 best practice sample code

    I wrote this sample code a while back to show how to validate the latest individualization version when using predelivery. Here are a few tricks that you need to do to make this work. Namely, you need to parse the “ClientInfo” XML fragment the hard way. This sample code shows you how to do...
  • Blog Post: WM Format SDK DRM returns NS_E_DRM_LICENSE_NOTACQUIRED when license is delivered

    I ran into an issue using the WM Format SDK DRM Stub Library the other day. When we were trying to decode and playback some DRM encrypted files we saw a “NS_E_DRM_LICENSE_NOTACQUIRED” error when using the “Audio Player” sample SDK application. The issue only occurred from certain...
  • Blog Post: Adding CRL data to WMRM SDK 10.1.2 based scripts

    UPDATE: The code referenced on this page is written in ASP / VB Script. I recently created a complete code sample that does everything this code does and more. I would recommend that you check it out by going here:
  • Blog Post: Bug in prelicgen.asp may cuse error on the client

    I found a bug recently in the prelicgen.asp page that has been causing pain for developers. They report that they get an error on the client when calling “GetLicenseFromURL” and using the predel1.asp and prelicgen.asp samples from the WMRM 10 SDK. I’ve also gotten reports that this...
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