• meek

    Stored Procedures and First-Class Relationships in the Entity Framework

    A user of the EFExtensions library asked me how to retrieve a set of ‘categories’ and their related ‘products’ through a single stored procedure call. I made some changes to the sample application to illustrate this pattern, but I thought I should also...
  • meek

    InvocationExpression and LINQ to Entities

    I talked a little bit about patterns using InvocationExpression in a previous post (you might want to review the post for some context). It turns out my advice wasn’t that easy to implement… Fortunately, the EFExtensions helper library now includes an...
  • meek

    EFExtensions update

    The EFExtensions helper library has a few updates: - CreateCommand now respects the CommandTimeout property on ObjectContext . A user of the library reported this bug to me a while ago, and I’m finally getting around to fixing it. - One tricky...
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