January, 2006

  • Tasks and Time Management in Outlook

    Send and Track

    How often have you sent an e-mail to someone and thought to yourself “ I better follow up with them in a few days to make sure that they do X ” or thought “ I just made a promise to do some work, I better remind myself to do it. ” Well now you can do...
  • Tasks and Time Management in Outlook

    More on subtasks

    In this release of Outlook, we considered adding subtasks, but decided that the primary problem that our customers are facing is that they don ’ t use tasks at all. Some might argue that this is because tasks in Outlook lack the hierarchy and sophisticated...
  • Tasks and Time Management in Outlook

    A word about subtasks

    Let me start by saying that the next version of Outlook 12 will not have sub-tasks. However, there are some new ways around this. First, categories will be much more prominent, and people can use categories as the headers of their projects, for example...
  • Tasks and Time Management in Outlook

    The Daily Task List: Tasks on the Calendar

    Part of efficient time management is making time for one’s tasks. To help our customers get an accurate view of their time commitments, we have added the Daily Task List in the Calendar. Outlook 12 Calendar The Daily Task List sits below the main...
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