The recent attention around the MeshPack apps has come as a pleasant surprise to one who’s been working on them for a while.  Sincerest thanks for your interest.  Not trying to dodge the questions that have come my way (especially the requests for the SDK), but the CTP program is managed by the Live Framework team and I can tell you that they’re working hard.   Getting the SDK into people’s hands is a major priority for the team, so stay engaged with them and sign up (if you haven’t already) to get on the list for the developer program at Interested devs can also access the documentation at MSDN even before getting accepted.

As I outlined originally, the MeshPack apps are intended to exercise the capabilities of the Live Framework.  They’re fun, light and, ultimately, are designed for end users.  But, with any luck, will be a catalyst for your thoughts.

And, I wanted to let you know that I read and appreciate your comments and messages.  While I may not get to respond to each one individually (got to keep up with the day job),  I read and appreciate the comments, even if I can’t respond directly.