We are pleased to announce Windows Live Messenger for Facebook. This new Facebook application allows you to easily contact your Facebook friends using Messenger! Try it out here.

Using the Windows Live Messenger for Facebook application you can:

  • Expose your Messenger status to your Facebook friends
  • Receive instant messages from friends that visit your Facebook profile page
  • View your friends’ Messenger status on Facebook
  • Send instant messages to your friends on Facebook that are using Messenger
  • Easily add your Facebook friends to your Messenger contacts

The Windows Live Messenger for Facebook application is implemented using the currently available Windows Live Messenger Presence API and  the Windows Live Messenger IM Control.

Steve Gordon and Chris Parker talk about the implementation details of the Facebook application on Channel 9. Check it out here!

We are also looking for some great developers and testers, so if you find the work we’re doing exciting, definitely contact us for more information.

Terry Lentz
Lead Software Test Engineer, Messenger & Contacts Web Platform