Coca-Cola and Panini in partnership with UEFA have recently developed a new web site for the 2008 UEFA European Football Championship. Check it out at Their site uses the Windows Live Messenger Library as an integral part of its design. If you attended Mix 08, you may have also seen an early demo of the site design. You can get to the archived Mix 08 session here.

Using the Windows Live Messenger Library, Coca-Cola and Panini are able to promote their brands on a site that encourages active participation and engagement through player card trading.  By having users invite their Messenger friends to play with them on the site, Coca-Cola and Panini take advantage of the user’s Windows Live social network to grow the usage of the site. This experience is possible using presence, contact management, and instant messaging features of the Windows Live Messenger Library.

If you have also developed a cool app using the Windows Live Messenger Library, please contact us and we may even feature it on our blog!

Here are some screenshots:

Click on “Start Your Album” to start the Windows Live Sign-in flow

with your Windows Live credentials

Answer some questions for language/birth date and accept terms of use; then click “Sign in” in the Windows Live Messenger Library SignInControl

Viewing your contacts