This blog is written by the Media Foundation team at Microsoft. It will provide in-depth information about Media Foundation programming, to help you get started with Media Foundation in your own applications. This blog also gives us a way to get feedback from the developer community, so that we can keep improving Media Foundation in future releases.

As our initial effort, we are releasing a suite of Media Foundation samples and tools.

The samples will demonstrate:

· How to transcode from one video format to another.

· How to dump a media file properties.                   

· How to render video frames onto a Direct3D 11 surface.

· How to program Media Foundation using C#.

Also, we will present a tool that combines playback, scrubbing, effects, archiving, and transcoding into a single application.

We plan to post a new sample about once every two weeks, for the next three months. For each sample, we’ll describe how the sample works and which APIs are used. You can use this blog as a handy tutorial book, so that you can jump into Media Foundation programming immediately.

You can find the official Media Foundation SDK documentation here:

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