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March, 2009

  • mfp's two cents

    migrax(tm): A new way to do code upgrade.


    More Dynamics; one of the Gold Sponsors on Convergence 2009; has just released what I find to be a very interesting product: migrax™. migrax™ can assist in migrating AX solutions from version 3 and version 4 to AX2009.

    The approach taken is quite different from the code upgrade tools available in AX. The existing AX code upgrade tools live inside MorphX; and can harvest the benefits of MorphX, such as access to the AOT, Compare tools, BP tools, etc. However; living inside MorphX also induces certain limitations; for example all editing has to go through the AOT modeling API.

    migrax™ does it differently. It is an external application. You start by loading your solution as an XPO file. It will be converted to XML and persisted in a database inside migrax™. Using XML techniques migrax™ is able to automatically resolve most code conflicts and produce an XPO file upgraded to Dynamics AX 2009.

    migrax™ is capable of solving logical conflicts caused when the standard application (typically in the SYS layer) changes, and the changed element has been customized. migrax™ is by-nature not capable of resolving conceptual conflicts, like conflicting or redundant functionality. Here a set of human eyes is still needed.

    One might argue that migrax™ is competing with the standard tool set in MorphX in upgrading code. I have a different perspective. The goal for me is to enable customers and partners to upgrade to Dynamics AX 2009 as seamless as possible. Having a larger tool box is a benefit to everyone.

    Make sure to check-out the migrax™ site, and visit More Dynamics at Convergence 2009 in New Orleans.

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    Innovating to improve the planet


    At Microsoft, we are committed to software and technology innovation that helps people and organizations around the world improve the environment. Our goals are to reduce the impact of our operations and products and to be a leader in environmental responsibility.

    For more information see:

    Also see the Microsoft Dynamics AX Environmental Sustainability Dashboard:

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