Cumulative Update 7 for Dynamics AX R2 has been released today!  Download it from Partner Source or Customer Source.

Besides 60 country specific regulatory updates and many quality improvements, these areas have been enhanced:


What’s new


Accounts payable

  • New options for configuring workflows for vendor invoices.
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Accounts receivable

  • External documents can now be sent as email to a customer or vendor by using the email address that is specified by the address purpose field. Any report can be sent as email to an internal employee by using the worker title.
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  • You can create a budget plan worksheet template for Excel by using a wizard in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • The budget allocation process is easier, because you can use ledger allocation rules for budgets.
  • Budget planning workflows can be set up so that they can’t be accidentally deleted or reset.
  • Budget planning workflows can be set up so that they require a parent budget plan.
  • You can specify whether budget planning user groups (XDS policies) are used for budget planning. You can also specify the number of associated budget plan lines to include when budget plans are exported to Excel.
  • You can view worksheet and justification documents from the Budget plan page in Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • The process of creating a budget plan from an existing budget plan is enhanced.        

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Fixed assets

  • You can now transfer more than one fixed asset at the same time.
  • The acquisition cost of fixed assets can include a miscellaneous charge amount.
  • The process for acquisition proposals or depreciation proposals for fixed assets can now be run in a batch process.

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General ledger

  • An Excel template for journal entries is included on the virtual machine for demo data.
  • More understandable posting messages for journal lines that have errors in the account combination.
  • Delete an unposted journal that contains lines.
  • View advanced rules for a main account.
  • Easier dimension setup for Excel integration.
  • Display dimensions in a specified order in Management Reporter.

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Human resources

  • New preparation reports available to help make it easier for employers to complete mandatory human resource reports.
  • Changes to the forecast positions area .
  • You can require additional details when worker information is entered or changed, and optionally enable workflow.         

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Inventory and warehouse management

  • New On-hand entries cleanup batch job can be used to delete unused entries for serialized on-hand inventory, helping to improve the performance of queries for on-hand inventory.
  • You can combine two or more inventory batches into a new or existing batch.
  • Added new Role Center for costing and inventory valuation.

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  • You can mass update benefit rates for workers.
  • Tiered contribution calculation rates for retirement benefit plans.
  • Create and update payroll tax groups.
  • Preparation of regulatory compliance reports for payroll.
  • Separate positive pay statements for Payroll bank accounts.

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Procurement and sourcing

  • Financial dimensions can be specified on sales agreements or purchase agreements.
  • A Totals FactBox is added to the Purchase orders list page.

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Product information management

  • You can determine prices using a product configuration model.

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Production control

  • Case management functionality is enhanced for documenting and releasing product changes to production.

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Project management and accounting

  • Use Microsoft Project to create or update a Microsoft Dynamics AX project plan, and integrate with an Office 365 SharePoint project site.
  • Use Microsoft Project to create or update the work breakdown structure (WBS) for a Microsoft Dynamics AX project quotation.
  • Create a WBS template for Microsoft Dynamics AX by using Microsoft Project.
  • Expanded support for working with project teams, defining project role types, and managing projects.
  • Expanded support for managing worker assignments and capacity in projects.
  • Enable audit trails on timesheet entry and reporting.
  • Improved management of project tasks in a WBS.
  • Improvements for creating WBS templates for project tasks.
  • Intercompany pro forma invoices for project costs.

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Public sector

  • The configuration keys for public sector organizations in France are enabled by default, hence the primary address of the organization no longer has to be in France if you want to use the French public sector accounting rules.
  • You can now dispose of more than one fixed asset at the same time.

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  • Prompt for a reason code when the cashier opens the cash register drawer without performing a sale transaction.
  • You can post store transactions from statements based on the end of the business day instead of the calendar day.
  • You can use a new statement method to calculate statements by shift.
  • Passwords can now be changed and reset in Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail POS.
  • Cashiers can view additional customer account information in Retail POS.

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Sales and marketing

  • You can calculate the sales price of an item by using an attribute-based pricing formula.

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Backup and recovery

  • We have added functionality for backup and recovery for cumulative update 7 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2.

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Data import, export, migration

  • As of CU7, the Data Import/Export Framework is shipped as part of AX instead of as an add-on.

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Office Add-ins

  • Improved performance when you use the Office Add-ins. A new Validate dimensions button helps you locate and correct financial dimensions that were entered incorrectly or that are suspended.

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  • PowerShell commandlet to install multiple instances of SSRS on the same SQL server
  • SSRS is primed after restart to speed up "first time" execution of reports
  • Can send reports to people using a token (@<Job Title>@) instead of being forced to name people explicitly
  • MorphX compare tool enhanced to support reports
  • Management Reporter can now be installed with primary AX setup

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Sales tax processing

  • Sales taxes and ledger accounts can be reconciled more easily.
  • Performance is improved for tax reporting.
  • You can post of sales tax amounts for intercompany transactions to either the source legal entity or the destination legal entity.

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