The PDC is now less than two months away and since system.xml has had a significant number of features added I decided that it was time to kick start a blog. I have worked on System.Xml for just over 3 years now and along with Chris Lovett was the PM who helped design the V1 implementation.

My favorite API in the V1 stack has to be the XPathNavigator due to the innovation of using a cursor API and the break away from the cursed implied DOM data model. The fact that it exists is due to a significant change of direction within the project and also resulted in the creation of the XPathDocument. These both turned out to be wise choices especially in System.Xml V2 that will be revealed at PDC. I will be doing a talk at PDC on the Architecture track on What's new in System.Xml for Whidbey which will be packed with new stuff. I will post some more once I get used to this whole blogging thing and have seen my children for at least 10 minutes.