Now that I have been offiically hyped ready for PDC at the speakers briefing, I declare the top acronymn for this years PDC is SOA, whereas 3 years ago it was XML. Each time a speaker says "SOA", attendees should take a swig of water, or some other beverage, and whoop loudly. For real die hards, go to an "Indigo" talk with several bottles at the ready.

One of  most exiting features based upon real customer feedback is the XML datatype support in "Yukon" the next release of SQL Server. Taking all those Office documents, loading them into your database as XML and then having the ability to query over them is very compelling. You can end up with some very funky examples, such as querying Visio documents for a give shape, since these are stored as SVG or XML. In my System.Xml PDC talk I will also cover the concept of XML Views over SQL Server, which provide query support across tables from the middle-tier with a schema defining the contract, aka SOA. "Whoohoo".

Finally is you live your life by RSS, then there is a list of PDC sessions here