Now that I have finally made it back home and got through most of my mail, I thought I would give an overview of the PDC. Drew provided a great overview of my talk capturing details such as the demise of the XmlDocument (DOM) in preference to the XPathDocument. This is in effect a "finishing off" the job started in V1.x of .NET with the XPathDocument and the XPathNavigator classes which have turned out to be very significant in the light of XQuery.

For those who want an interactive forum for post PDC discussion go to the XML "Whidbey" newsgroup which is in this list of Whidbey newsgroups. SQL Server "Yukon" has a new site which includes details of the XML support in the DB. This is one of the best ways to influence the product groups, since public discussion of features is the best way to provide feedback. The beauty of this PDC is that the products has been released early enough that there is still time to influence their development.

I was great to be able to meet people such as Kirk and Bryant to be able to discuss the XML in support in "Whidbey". Yes, SQLXML is still very much alive and I would love to hear more opinions of what is good and bad about the work that has been done in System.Xml.