The XML DOM is dead. Long live the DOM.

Dearest DOM, it is with little remorse,
to see that your API has run its course.
You expose your nodes naked and bare,
with no chance of any optimizations there.
Your (cough) data model is just to complex,
and causes developers to vex
over how to deal with CDATA, notations and entity refs.

So it is with a small tear welling in my eye,
that I watch the completion of your demise.
In .NET the XPathDocument has now taken your throne,
as the king of the XML API-dom.
Goodbye DOM, just disappear and die,
I will not miss you with your unweildly API.
Goodbye DOM, goodbye.

Dedicated to Dare and Joshua, the kings of the XML APIs in .NET (featuring Arpan with`the XQuery love)