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February, 2004

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    "We love the XPathReader" petition.

    Oleg has been creating an implementation of a forward only XPath XmlReader which from a usability aspect has always been the nivana of streaming XML readers. This is similar to an example that I showed that Aaron published in Writing XML Providers for...
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    Patents and XML

    There has been plenty of discussion recently on patents filed by Microsoft in the area of XML for Office XML Schema and XML based scripting . A search of the patent office's database shows that those that contain XML in the title and those that just reference...
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    XML Performance in System.Xml

    There has been some discussion with the Webdata XML team about Sun's published performance report on the relative comparison between a set of Java XML classes and System.Xml in the .NET framework. Whilst I would not defend to the death the performance...
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    DCOM to .NET Phase Transistion

    Looks like William and I have had the same thoughts over the weeknend about clearing out books. I decide to tackle the final bastillion of chaos in my house and sort my home office and especially my bookshelves. Since writing my book on System.Xml v2...
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    Indexing XML, XML ids and a better GetElementByID method on the XmlDocument class

    One question that I get is “How can you index an XML document? If you had indexes, all your lookups would be many times faster rather than having to walk the entire XML document?” The XML 1.0 specification has no ability to index a document...
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