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November, 2004

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    WSE 2.0 SP2 Pre-release Announcement

    Hervey has posted the details of the pre-release on his blog. The download links are: WSE 2.0 SP2 PreRelease Full Product WSE 2.0 SP2 PreRelease Runtime Product
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    First Solo Sail

    I did my first solo sail on the waters of lake Union in Seattle yesterday. It reminder me of the time when I took my dad's car out for the first time after having passed my driving test eons ago. All you concentrated on was not slamming into anyone else...
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    Beta Book Pain, Performance Love

    Writing books on beta products is probably the most painful thing that you can ever endure even if you are in the product team (or was as in my case). I finally finished up the last XML chapter in the beta version of ADO.NET and System.Xml V2 . It is...
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    WSE 3.0 Feature List

    Aaron has kick started a list of what he believes are important features in future versions of WSE. I would always add performance to this list, ahead of new features, since to me this is crucial for widespread adoption.
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    Life now as the WSE Program Manager

    With much of the work done for version 2.0 of System.Xml and with Dare’s departure from the XML team to MSN, I decided that it was also time for me to look for new adventures. I have taken the job as the WSE Program Manager left vacant by Keith Ballinger...
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