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March, 2006

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    WCF Loves ATLAS and the Windows Live Development Center

    Two great pieces of Web development were announced today. Steve posted his work on getting WCF and the ATLAS development environment aligned. The significance of this is that it shows the spectrum of capabilities of WCF from simple REST services, through...
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    WSE 3.0 - Kerberos, Secure Conversation and Stateful SCTs

    I thought that I would publish some discussion threads on WSE issues that I have had recently that highlight some common questions. A recent discussion question was this; Question: " I need advice with WSE 3.0 and implementing a web service that requires...
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    New WSE 3.0 Content

    Plenty of content continues to get produced for WSE 3.0. Working with Ron Jacobs and Don Smith we produced some ARCasts on WSE and X509 certs that you can be listen to here . All of Ron's ARCasts make avid listening to, especially in the car on the way...
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