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  • Blog Post: Cisco entering the XML hardware processing market

    As I have discussed in this blog previously , I believe that there in an inexorable move towards XML processing in hardware that can only be offset by the potential improvements to the processing capabilities vs. cost of the general CPU. Even if Moore 's law continues, which some such as Herb Sutter...
  • Blog Post: Building my Christmas present.

    A couple of months ago my wife asked me whether she could listen to her favourite internet radio station on the HiFi stereo system that we have in our living room, rather than having to have the speakers on the PC in the office turned up to maximum volume. This is a UK radio station that only streams...
  • Blog Post: MEMS and Hardware Specialization

    In a few years most of our mobile devices will only need to be charged every six months and this innovation will be due to MEMS ( Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems ) which are microengines a few millimetres wide that use hydrocarbon fuel. Have you ever looked at an aircraft engine and said "How can...
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