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August, 2004

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At Microsoft I am a Senior Program Manager in the Patterns and Practices group within the Developer Division (DevDiv).

On my own, I was one of the first dozen podcasters in the world.


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    The Bottom 10 - Come on now!

    <PERSONAL RANT - Not To Be Construed To Be The Opinions of My Employer> Ok, well according to John Dvorak I contributed to the #9 item on the "The Bottom 10 Worst Software Disasters"! Specifically, I'm one of those guys who produced one of the ...
  • Adventures In SoftwareLand

    Another one rides the bus....

    Every blog must have a first post and this is mine... I'm an old-timer in the software biz (I was around five years before there was a Microsoft!) and now I'm a new Microsoftie! I’m part of a group MS calls US Partner Services which helps "partners" of...
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