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January, 2008

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At Microsoft I am a Senior Program Manager in the Patterns and Practices group within the Developer Division (DevDiv).

On my own, I was one of the first dozen podcasters in the world.


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    BillG's Last Day

    Ok, you've got to hand it to the world's richest man (and, my uber-boss... something I thought I'd never say), who has a big enough sense of humor to lampoon his "last day" right down to the $7 haircut (can you get a $7 haircut in Seattle?!?). Check...
  • Adventures In SoftwareLand

    Office Developers Conference 2008 here we come...

    If you're attending the the Office DevCon ( ) in San Jose, California on February 11th, be sure to check out the VS2008 version of the Outlook + Services Blueprint As part of the on-going Software-plus-Services Blueprints Program...
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