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  • Blog Post: Silverlight Blueprint for Sharepoint (Beta 2) available

    The Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint is now online on Codeplex: This latest update works with Silverlight 2 Beta 2.
  • Blog Post: Steve Gillmor thinks out loud about Live Mesh

    My long time friend and co-conspirator in the software business for almost 20 years, Steve Gillmor, comments about Live Mesh and it's implications . I think he got it partially right and, of course, based on his limited publically available information, partially wrong. The future will be, as always...
  • Blog Post: Compiler Lab 2007 Screencasts

    While the Compiler Lab 2007 is now history (May 21-23, 2007), the screencasts are starting to come online. First up is Scott Guthrie's Compiler Lab 2007 Keynote . Check back over the next week as I'll be processing and uploading additional talks in the next few days.
  • Blog Post: Bob Walsh's take on MIX, Blend and Silverlight

    Bob Walsh, author of "MicroISV: From Vision to Reality" , and co-host of The MicroISV Show on Channel9 , has written a blog post about his experiences at MIX07 .
  • Blog Post: Silverlight is going to be huge for MicroISVs

    This week at MIX07 we revealed the full extent of Microsoft Silverlight which includes support for XAML-based UI and includes a .NET CLR with support for C#, VB.Net, IronPython, JScript and eventually IronRuby and VBx which enables the delivery of cross-platform high-speed, rich functionality applications...
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