Well, this is my second day of being a blogger, and I am well chuffed with the traffic coming onto the blog. So chuffed in fact, I have uploaded a little sample I made a while back for you all to enjoy...

I made this when I first started playing around with DataTemplates in ItemsControls. I was so amazed at how flexible the DataTemplate was, this Postit sample doesn't even scratch the surface. I could have put the data items onto anything!

In this, you can also drag the postits around, and when you click on a link, it takes you off to the web page. Whoopee! But in all seriousness, this is simply to demo how simple it is to make a simple data template... very!

I have attached the source code so you can add your own feed / improve upon it. NOTE: This is not a proper example on how to data bind... that will be coming later :) But if you make any significant changes, it would be great to see them. So, let us all know.

Til tomorrow.


P.S This was built with Beta 2 of WinFX, as will all of my project be. Most should work on previous bits, but you may need to change a line here or there.