Hey - very exciting news today... I finally have a CodePlex project set up. From the site...

'Blacklight is a UX focused code sharing project. Microsoft has released a bunch of technologies that allow designers and developers to work closely together to make beautiful software. This project is a collection of controls, samples, visual assets and ideas that has been put together by User Experience designers and developers to both show you what the technology is capable of (from a UX point of view), and give you code and samples that you can use in your own projects.'

We are currently delivering stuff in Silverlight, but have plenty more technologies to follow in the near future.

We also have a snazzy showcase that you can view the content through too. So, without further adue, here are the links to get to the stuff...

See Blacklight on CodePlex here.

See the Blacklight showcase site right here.


I hope to do releases on a monthly basis, each release introducing new controls and samples. I will also be posting about new content right here on my blog too,so stay tuned!

Right off to Remix 08 tomorrow, and then on vacation for a week! Woohoo.

Laters, Martin.