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  • Blog Post: Animated Layout Panel (from the Blacklight Controls)

    A video from Mike Parker, introducing the Animated Layout Panel control, found in Blacklight! Get the controls from here. See the showcase here.
  • Blog Post: New Patient Journey Demonstrator at

    Hi all - great news, an updated version of the Patient Journey Demonstrator, the project I am currently working on, has been released. Check it out at . In this release we fixed lots of bugs, as well as added some new features around capturing input...
  • Blog Post: New Silverlight 2 Media Player for my blog!

    UPDATE: Get the latest blog media player code from Blacklight , our new CodePlex project! I have been meaning to start video blogging (vlogging) for some time. I think you can get stuff across far more simply that way. However, I hadn't gotten around to building a simple video player for hosting on...
  • Blog Post: Real World WPF Videos: Designers and Developers working together?!

    The latest installment of the Real World WPF series! This time round, Nick Page (DPE), Paul Tallet (MS Developer) and I shoot the breeze about how developers and designers work together in practice. We talk through some of our own experiences and demonstrate some techniques in VS2005 and Blend. See...
  • Blog Post: More Video Tutorials

    Hi all, whilst I continue to work on Real World WPF videos, including some recent work on WPF/e (!!), take a look at these videos provided by Content Presenter . Very nice.
  • Blog Post: Suggestions for a Real World WPF Video, please?

    Since creating the first set of RWWPF (Real World WPF) videos, we had had loads of great suggestions on what else we could be showing. One of the re-occuring themes is about using Blend & WPF for LOB (Line of Business) applications - such as customer account systems, and internal tools. So, I...
  • Blog Post: Real World WPF Videos: BSF Showcase

    Two very exciting announcements for Adventures today... the first - our Real World WPF Videos are now featured on Channel 9 - all of the links below. Secondly - the second in the series is now availble to download too. The BSF Showcase (Building Schools for the Future) was an exciting look at enriching...
  • Blog Post: Real World WPF Videos: Introduction to Blend

    Well, it has been a little time since I last posted, and since, there has been a real flurry around WPF - at last, it is shipped! As is Windows Vista and Office 2007 . I have been busy on a number of projects, my learning from which I shall be sharing in the coming weeks. I have also been working...
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