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  • Blog Post: Silverlight 2 Samples: Dragging, docking, expanding panels (Part 1)

    UPDATE: Get the latest Dragging, docking, expanding panel code from Blacklight , our new CodePlex project! NOTE: Part 2 and Part 3 now posted, with a demo of the final sample here . A control that we used in a number of places in the MSCUI Patient Journey Demonstrator was the dragging, docking...
  • Blog Post: Scalable UI - in one line of XAML!

    One of the great things about WPF is how easy it is to make a fully scalable UI. The above picture is an examply of a UI i made, with live reflections, menus and images, and with one line of XAML, it became fully scalable. How was this acheived - by placing all of my UI in a ViewBox . I can then set...
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