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April, 2003

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    The Form Load event

    Shawn posted a mini-rant / tip about not subscring to your own events. I've got to post a small rebuttal. In general, not subscribing to your own events is a good coding practice, if not a huge perf win as Chris Sells points out in the post's comments...
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    Compatibility and Breaking Changes

    I posted a comment to ScottW's weblog about sealing classes and it got me thinking about breaking changes. A breaking change is a typically defined as a change made to an API, or an API's behavior that would cause code compiled on one version of...
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    Tell us about programming language filtering in docs

    Mark Rideout, one of the User Education (UE) folks on the Windows Forms team has posted a survey to the windowsforms.net forums . Check it out and tell us how you use docs so we can make the language filter better. Also, keep in mind that any changes...
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    The grapes of no-wrath

    It turns out that California is warm and clear. Two adjectivs rarely applied to the state of Washington. My girlfriend Jeannine came out to WA for her spring break and we drove down to Napa to drink and well.... not work. :) Highlights of the trip...
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