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March, 2006

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    WPF/E and ASP.NET

    In a previous post I mentioned the ASP.NET wrapper control that I wrote for the WPF/E browser plug-in. This control was created to show some of the ideas we have for integration with ASP.NET. The server control abstracts the differences between the...
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    WPF/E Code Walkthrough

    Those of you that read my earlier post or saw Joe Stegman's WPF/E talk at Mix, are probably interested in what the code looks like for the demos that we showed. I developed many of the demos Joe presented (the Pan & Zoom app, WPF/E pad, the vector...
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    WPF/E Article at iwriitng.com

    Tim Anderson attended Joe's session at Mix '06 and spoke with Forest Key, Director of Developer Tools Product Management at Microsoft. His article can be found here . One of the best insights Tim has is the complimentary nature of WPF/E's two programming...
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    Mix '06 WPF/E Slides Posted

    The slides for Joe Stegman's WPF/E talk are attached to this post.
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    Great blog post on WPF/E

    There have been a few blog posts popping up about WPF/E, but Ben Galbraith's over at Ajaxian is the best so far. He attended Joe's session and filtered out the important details with good accuracy.
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    WPF/E at Mix '06

    I know, it's been a long while since I've posted. Last October, after Windows Forms 2.0 shipped, I left DevDiv and started working on the WPF/E team. It's been an intense ride so far, but our product is really starting to take shape. So what is WPF...
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