Last week, a group of ASPInsiders were on campus and I presented a session on WPF/E.  For this session, I updated the simple ASP.NET server control we showed at Mix '06 this year.  This control makes it easier to integrate WPF/E into ASP.NET pages.  The control has a smart tag which exposes the most common properties.  The control project can be found here and a sample web project that uses this control is here (just open default.aspx in the designer).



  • BackgroundColor - The string representing the background color of the WPF/E plug-in.  Any string representation of a Color that is valid in XAML is valid here.

  • ErrorHandler - The string name of a javascript method that handles the WPF/E plug-in's error event.

  • HostFilePath - The string path to the agHost.js file used by the control.  By default the control will point to an agHost.js file on Channel9.

  • MaxFramerate - The maximum framerate the WPF/E plug-in will attempt to render the content.  This defaults to 30.

  • Source - The string path of the XAML file used by the WPF/E plug-in.

  • ScriptSource - The string path of a javascript file with event handlers for the XAML.

  • UseChannel9HostFile - A bool to determine if the control references the agHost.js from Channel9.  This defaults to true.  If it is false, the HostFilePath property will be used to find an agHost.js file.

  • WindowlessMode - A bool to determine whether the WPF/E plug-in runs in windowless mode.  Defaults to false.