Late last year, one of the first WPF/E samples that our team created was a XAML pad type web page that you could paste XAML into and it would load that into the WPF/E control.  This sample highlighted the fact that WPF/E content can be entirely text based and thus, created and edited on the client machine.  This also proved to be a very handy tool for quickly testing a chunk of XAML in WPF/E.  The original version of this app was almost entirely HTML with one div containing the WPF/E control. 


I’ve created an updated version of this app that named “WPF/E Pad” that is almost entirely XAML and javascript.  The only part of the UI that is HTML is the textarea used for entering the XAML.  Click the image below to run WPF/E Pad.  Note that you can pan around the scene by clicking and dragging the mouse in the scene pane.  The rest of the controls are pretty self-explanatory, just paste some XAML into the textarea and click the "Load" button.  The source for this app can be found here.


I consider this to be a 0.7 version of the app.  The list of features I’m planning to add are below.  Please let me know of any other feature ideas you have.


Future WPF/E Pad Features:

  • Download the XAML files one at a time (they take a while to load) 
  • Add a splitter for the Scene and XAML panes
  • Add scroll wheel support for zooming (Like Peter’s seventeen sample)
  • Animate the scrolling of the XAML files
  • Add a help system that shows the valid attributes for each tag