This is a sample I was working on a few weeks back but just got around to finishing.  I had some Scrabble tile images from a project I worked on many years ago and wanted a fun way to use them in a WPF/E sample.  This sample takes the string from the overlaid HTML input field and uses the createFromXaml method to make a WPF/E element tree for each letter.  Each element tree also has an animation to give the shuffle in effect. 

As Tony Lombardo points out, this would not be possible if the WPF/E control did not support windowless mode.  Windowless mode allows html content to be overlaid on top of XAML content and vice versa.  WPF/E Pad also takes advantage of this by overlaying an HTML text area for a XAML entry field.  

The sample is live below.  If you're using an aggregator and can't see the sample, it is hosted here.  The source can be found here.