Phew.  No more “WPF/E”.  I sure won’t miss that name.  From now on the technology will be called Silverlight.  The consumer and developer web sites can be found here and here.  Also, we’re working on a new Silverlight community site that will launch soon.  One of the things that impressed me about the product name is that we managed to keep it secret for so long.  In fact, we knew what the name would be before we shipped the December CTP.  Brush up on your Latin to figure out why all our binaries and our javascript hosting file start with the “ag” prefix.  J


I’m down at NAB this week for the official launch of the Silverlight name.  If you were wondering what I was taking a picture of, it was the below pics of the Silverlight banner in front of the Vegas convention center.   The other pic below is Scott Guthrie and Lee Davis debugging our content access protection demo.  Brian Goldfarb is also in the shot on the phone.  We’ve got a great set of demos we’re showing at our booth this week, but we will have much, much more to share about Silverlight at MIX ’07.

(Update: Back in Redmond and I've uploaded the Silverlight version of the Silverlight logo)