I’ve spent 25 hours over the last 3 days talking with folks, showing and explaining Silverlight to anyone who came by Microsoft’s NAB booth.  My feet are killing me and my voice is absolutely raw, but man was it worth it.  The booth was stacked 5-6 deep all 3 days.  I have never been involved with any technology that has this level of excitement and interest, and I’ve never given demos to so many people who’ve walked away with a smile on their faces.  After seeing the demos it sinks in very quickly that  Silverlight will let them do incredible things with their existing Windows Media assets using all their existing delivery infrastructure. 


Hands down the coolest part of the show was when I would demo to someone then they would bring a friend back later and explain the demos to their friend from the back of the crowd as I narrated from the front.  “Look, they’re playing back a 720p VC-1 video on the Mac, and it’s in full-screen!”.  I saw this phenomenon happen over a half-dozen times.  The fact that we have this level of interest at NAB really makes me excited for MIX.  We’ve got a lot of big announcements and some really cool stuff to show off.  It’s going to be a crazy two weeks prepping. 


Below is a crappy cellphone snap of the crowd around the booth.  I'll update the post with better pics what I get them.