Joe Stegman and I are giving a two part, back to back talk titled Building Rich Internet Applications Using Microsoft Silverlight 2 at MIX today.  In this talk, Joe and I are building a video search site.  I've put up the demos and slides from my part of the talk here

Joe is giving the first part where he builds the starting point of my demo.  I then add a custom animated layout and a control template on the search button, integrate local storage to remember the last search and browser history integration to be able to use the back and forawrd buttons to navigate between videos.  I've also got a deep zoom demo in the .zip.

I had some help on my demos.  The AnimatingPanelBase class that drives my animating stack panel was written by Robby Ingebretsen.  He's planning to do an in-depth post on layout animations in SL 2.  Also, the NavigationManager class I use for browser history integration was written by Jesse Bishop, one of our interns last summer.

The MIX crew is promising that videos of the talks will be available within 24 hours.  When they're up, I'll post links here.

Update: The videos of the sessions are now live.  (It doesn't look like the deep linking directly to the sessions is working now, but you can find the sessions on the main app by clicking either of the links below.)

Part 1:

Part 2: