The slides and demos from my MIX10 session "Building Windows Phone Applications with Silverlight" can be found here.  This package includes the following:


·         Sildes

·         .snippet files

·         Projects

o   BrowserAndPhone – A VS 2010 project that includes a shared control referenced from a Silverlight 3 project and a Silverlight for Windows Phone project

o   InputScopes – An app that puts all the available InputScopes inside a ListBox and applies the selected InputScope to a TextBox

o   Accelerometer – An app that moves a Button based on the accelerometer

o   MediaAndVibrate – An app that shows media playback and the vibration API.

o   HTMLCube – Shows that the WebBrowser control supports transforms and projections

o   ScriptInterop – Shows Silverlight and javascript from the WebBrowser control working together.

o   Chess – The traditional Silverlight chess app ported to the phone.  Instead of using the hosting browser’s script engine, this sample uses the scrip engine in the embedded WebBrowser control.

o   PictureGrayscale – This sample shows the CameraCaptureTask and applying a grayscale to the captured image.


The video of my session isn’t posted yet, I’ll update this post when its available.


[edit] And the video is up: