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September, 2005

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    Can't We All Just Get Along?

    (Blogging Tunes: Jethro Tull - "Aqualung") Sorry to drop the highly overused Rodney King quote on you, but it seems to fit here. I wanted to take some time to pop up a level as it were to discuss interoperability between Windows Forms and WPF at a...
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    Bonus Post: Robert Freakin' Plant!

    So I usually focus my blogs on technical stuff, but I thought I would post this anyway... Saturday my wife and I were out cruising on the Harley when we decided to stop off at one of our favorite restaurants in the Belltown area of Seattle, The Noodle...
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    ActiveX Controls in WPF?

    (Tunes I'm listening to while blogging: Style Council - "Home & Abroad") You betcha! You can certainly host ActiveX controls in a WPF application. You do this by using Windows Forms - WPF Integration. Okay, from now on, I'm gonna refer to this...
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    Hosting Windows Forms Controls in a WPF App

    (Tunes I'm listening to while I blog: Soul Coughing- "Ruby Vroom") Okay so we've been talking about the inter-op stuff a little bit, now it's time to get down to business and actually use it. In this posting I will cover the details necessary to host...
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    Introducing Windows Forms - WPF Interoperability

    (Tunes I'm listening to while I blog: Sun Kil Moon, "Ghosts of the Great Highway") So you've been developing Windows Forms applications since .Net Framework 1.0 right? And now you've been totally jazzed by all the buzz surrounding Windows Presentation...
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    Back from the PDC

    I spent the last week in Los Angeles at the 2005 PDC and boy is my brain tired! It was a great week and I got a chance to talk to a ton of really enthusiastic customers which made it worth all the work. My primary task was to give a session on Windows...
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