• Michael Hopcroft

    New For VS2005 - Abstract Stub Generation

    Visual Studio 2005 includes a new feature to generate stubs for methods in an abstract base class . Here's an example of how it works. Suppose you want to create a class called MyDerivedClass that inherits from an abstract class called MyAbstractClass...
  • Michael Hopcroft

    VS 2005 IDE Tour

    Karen Liu , a C# IDE program manager recently sent me the specs for all of the new C# IDE features in Visual Studio 2005 . As part of my rampup as the new C# PUM, I plan to make my way through this list and blog about some of the more interesting changes...
  • Michael Hopcroft

    Home Automation Part 1 - Burning $200 of propane

    I like to use my knowledge of technology to solve problems outside of work. In this series I explain how I used C# and the Internet to remotely monitor a propane stove in my cabin. While reading about my adventures you will learn about C#, embedded technology...
  • Michael Hopcroft


    Hi. I’m Michael Hopcroft, the new Product Unit Manager for Visual C#. I started the job a few weeks ago and this is my first blog post. Working with the C# team is a dream job for me. I’ve liked C# since the day it came out and used it extensively in...
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