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  • Blog Post: Dynamic Expression Trees

    I have been working on a project that uses the Entity Framework as the persistence store. I am implementing a global search capability that returns results from the various entities that have a string property that start with a given query string. So I started out with writing code for each entity that...
  • Blog Post: Lazy Evaluation requires you to think outside the box

    I was watching a presentation today and there was a point brought up that I found really interesting. Say you have the following LINQ code: 1: int [] iArray = new int [] { 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 }; 2:   3: IEnumerable< int > results = iArray.Select(i => 100 / i); 4:   ...
  • Blog Post: LINQ Makes Life Easier

    LINQ is really cool. There are tons of examples on the web that show you how to use LINQ to query a database, xml file, text file or collection. This is what LINQ will primarily be used for; to simplify and support the need to provide an association between external relational data and object oriented...
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