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  • Blog Post: Parallel Extensions June 2008 CTP Released

    The Parallel Programming team has released a June 2008 CTP of the Parallel Extensions for .NET. They have made some good improvements over the last version. More about the release can be found here . The CTP can be downloaded here .
  • Blog Post: Parallel Extensions for .NET - Part 1

    Some of my recent posts have mentioned the Parallel Extensions to the .NET Framework CTP that was released in December by the Parallel Computing Team at Microsoft. This post is meant to give an introduction to the Parallel Extensions, as well as some resources for the project. The Parallel Extensions...
  • Blog Post: Task Parallel Library on Channel 9

    Joe Duffy and other members of the Parallel Extensions team at Microsoft Research talk about the Task Parallel Library. This is a great presentation and they go into quite a bit of depth about the internals of the TPL. I am very interested in the TPL and PLINQ. I will be posting more about these in the...
  • Blog Post: Parallel Computing in .NET

    A recent article in MSDN magazine talks about the upcoming CTP release of the Parallel FX library, currently scheduled for the Fall of 2007. You can find the article here: Optimize Managed Code for Mulit-Core Machines. The recent trend with CPUs has been a multi-core approach rather than focusing...
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