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  • Blog Post: Media Center University

    I am going to start the completion of my basement in September and have spent a little time recently planning the design. The main component of the basement is going to be a home theater room, as well as some home automation. I recently came across a Channel 10 video series that is all about using Windows...
  • Blog Post: Replacing CMD with PowerShell

    First off, I really like Windows PowerShell . I have been using it for a while now and I find it extremely powerful. I now use it for every command line thing that I do. (I would also recommend the PowerShell Community Extensions . These add some very useful features to PS. One that I particularly enjoy...
  • Blog Post: Process Explorer v11.0 Released

    A new version of Process Explorer was released today! If you do not already have it, I highly suggest that you download it and use it. It is an amazing tool, basically Task Manager on steroids. You can find just about every conceivable bit of information about any process running on your computer. This...
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