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April, 2004

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    The test cases go marching two by two, hurrah, hurrah

    One of the banes of my existence is test matrices. Everywhere I look, it seems, another matrix is lurking, impatiently waiting to lob another set of mind-numbinginly boring test cases at me that are guaranteed to suck up two more weeks' worth of the extra...
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    Test and Dev have historically been at odds. In the worst teams the only reason Dev and Test acknowledge each other's existence is to work out some signal so that Test knows when to array themselves along the wall to catch the app when Dev throws it over...
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    Hypocrites That We Are

    In Ring One, here, we have The Cowboys. They don't need specs or a test plan, let alone daily builds or release criteria. They don't even bother finding out what the user needs to do, really, but instead prefer to make things up as they go along. Since...
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    Screen Door

    Gretchen and Zoe and Heather have been blogging about the process Microsoft uses for recruiting and hiring. Once you've made it past the recruiter gauntlet, but before you go through the formal interview loop, my team puts the candidate through a technical...
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