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May, 2004

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    Hoppy Birdie Mi Mi

    Today is my birthday -- #33. That means I've been programming for some sixty percent of my life -- no big deal I suppose to kids these days who likely were programming before they entered day care, but I was on the bleeding edge growing up. That tech...
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    What makes me tick

    Curt Rosengren is asking why people do what they do . Here are my answers: What kind of work would you do if you got paid in the juice you get from your job, rather than money? (i.e., what jobs would light your fire in a big way?) I honestly would...
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    OOPs I did it again

    I wrote my first programs in various forms of Basic (including SuperSyntax on Prime minis, which while it didn't explicitly claim to be a member of the family had very Basic-ish structure and syntax), but my formative years programming-wise were spent...
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    Hickory dickory dock, A tester ran out of clock

    In pure clock time I work about fifty hours a week. Fourty hour weeks I think are overrated. I wouldn't complain if my manager made me leave two hours earlier each day, mind you, but I think a particular number of hours at work is much less important...
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