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June, 2004

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    True Stories In Test Automation

    [The following is a true story. The feature has been changed to protect the unannounced, but the code and test progression is a near verbatim account of a coding session I had recently.] Say you are testing a timeline. Specifically, you are testing...
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    Weird But True

    Weird Al Yankovic's song “Frank's 2000 Inch TV” is the perfect speed for jumping rope! Play it four times in a row and you've got yourself a great cardio workout!
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    Hallmarks of a Great SDE/T

    All companies have a job ladder a person "climbs" as they progress through their career. Often this job ladder and a person's title are tied together. Microsoft separates the ladder (i.e., the responsibilities of and expectations for a person) and the...
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    Hallmarks of a Great Developer

    If you ask me, I'll tell you a great developer Plans before coding A great developer takes the time to plan an approach before designing or coding. A great developer knows that the time required to do so will be more than paid back by the time saved...
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    Hallmarks of a Great Tester

    If you ask me, I'll tell you a great tester Is devious A great tester has a streak of deviousness. Anyone can follow the lists of test cases that abundantly fill most books on testing. A great tester can move beyond these lists and dream up an endless...
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    My boss is blogging

    My boss, Adam Ulrich, has joined the blogging ranks. Go forth and read him posthaste ( http://blogs.msdn.com/adamu ) as he's a most interesting guy (how many people do you know who have spent ten years working in nuclear power plants?).
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    Kill those warts!

    Rory is one of my favorite bloggers. Earlier this week he posted Die, Hungarian notation... Just *die* , which sentiment I agree with wholeheartedly. Jim Hyslop and Herb Sutter's (three years earlier) article Hungarian wartHogs is also a great read. ...
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    Speed Trap

    My first experiences with programming were laboriously copying reams of mysterious incantations, codes, and passphrases from multivarious magazines and books, then running the results and hoping against hope that I hadn't made any mistakes. When something...
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