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August, 2004

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    Baby Steps

    Stuart responded to my post "Show Me" saying that, basically, he's in the same boat as (based on my personal experiences) most people producing software: what I call programming by accident. Specs are few and far between. He does actually have a tester...
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    Show Me

    Dave Liebreich posted some while back what I presume is a question he asks prospective employers: "I've seen many organizations that treat the QA or test group as people who will do the 'menial' work that the programmers don't want to, or the people who...
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    I Am Such A Geek!

    Every year my family draws names to decide who gives gifts to whom at Christmas. (Trying to figure out what to give one person is *so* much easier than trying to find something for seven!) This year (for reasons known only to her) my mom asked if I wanted...
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    Test Hooks == Happy Customers

    Test hooks don't have to be special code written specifically for your tester's needs. Oftentimes, just spending a little more time and a bit more effort on your APIs is more than enough. Think about an application like Microsoft Excel. Sitting behind...
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    Hook, Line, and Tester

    "Testable" is one of those words with a bajillion meanings. Dave Catlett, a Test architect here at Microsoft, defines testability as "[t]he degree to which components and systems are designed and implemented to make it easier for tests to achieve complete...
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