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September, 2004

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    What's Your Strongest Language?

    Futura writes that s/he has been a developer and then a tester for many years. In that time, s/he has used many languages, including C++,VB, Python, and MatLab. Futura is planning to apply for an SDE/T position and is looking for advice on answering the...
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    Yes Virginia, Developers Really *Can* Test

    I've been coding for something like twenty years, but I've only really been testing that code for about ten. Oh, sure, I would bang on my apps in ways I thought were similar to what my users would do, and I stepped through my code and stuff like that...
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    Warning: Bad Lyrics Ahead

    Microsoft requires any vehicle parked on campus to be registered. Visitors register with the receptionist where they're visiting; everyone else registers with Security. I don't know what visitors get when they register, but employees get a numbered tag...
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    Another Mrmff Person Blogging!

    For awhile I was the only person on the Mrmff team (we're not announced yet so I can't give details, remember?) blogging. Then Adam Ulrich , my boss and the Mrmff Test Manager, start blogging. Now John Gossman is blogging too. He's our Dev Architect,...
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    Monkey Want A Banana?

    I run a virtual (i.e., via Sharepoint and email) tutorial on application design. Recently we started looking at model-based testing. I'm starting out with a simple home-grown vaguely-smart monkey that's not much more than this: class Model { Command[...
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