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October, 2004

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    I'm a Tester, Jim, not a QA Engineer!

    If you ask any random set of testers what their title is, about half of them will answer with some term that includes "Test" and the other half will answer with some term that includes "QA" and "Engineer". If you then ask them what their job entails,...
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    Why I'm An SDE/T

    WH writes: I've got an on-campus interview with MS and I'm (hopefully) looking at an SDET internship. I was wondering: What do you like most about being an SDET? What do you like the least? The bug-finding problem space sounds completely interesting to...
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    Just As, Not Less Or More

    Kate comments on my previous blog post Why I'm An SDE/T : Writing code to break other's code is what I fascinate about. Hope I can get this kind of job in the near future. Now comes the question: When you write a tool to test other's code, what makes...
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    One More Hallmark

    Darren writes: Hi, I read through your list of attributes today with interest. One of the attributes that interests me but, that you did not mention was: Ability to provide accurate estimates. I'd be interested to read *your* take on that attribute. Estimation...
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    I've received a few requests for my blogroll. I considered posting it here all nice and categorized like, but at 170+ feeds that would be rather lengthy. Anyway, going to all that trouble isn't necessary. Through the magic of NewsGator my current OPML...
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